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Birth Preparation

Classes & Information

Must - Reads

Highly recommend these books!

Finding Support

Doulas, Birthworkers, Companions

Queer Doula Network - directory, groups, and more

Moss the Doula - Baltimore/D.C. based doula support, professional training, more

Queer & Trans Support

Resources & Support

Queer Doula Network - directory, groups, and more

LGBTQ+ Birth (also find them on Instagram)

Ren Tighe - resources, tools, & more

Moss the Doula - doula support, professional training

Family Equality - support, resources, courses, & more

Trans Family Building - online courses

Mental Health

Affirming mental health resources

The Postpartum Stress Center - online or 610.525.7527
Postpartum Support International - Specific groups for LGBTQIA+ families during gestation, postpartum, or loss. They also have groups for moms, dads, military families, adoptive parents, and Spanish-speaking families. 
    Helpline: 1.800.944.4773
    Text “Help” to 800.944.4773
    Text en Español: 971.203.7773
Pregnancy After Loss Support (PALS)
Trans Lifeline - lists of resources & hot/warm lines
   or call: 877.565.8860

Loss Support

Offering Support

Feeding & Lactation

Infant feeding and lactation support

Milk Junkies - transgender perspective

Human Milk Banking Association

La Leche League International

LLL - trans & nonbinary support

Disability Support

Support for disabled people

Rolling Through Motherhood - on Instagram

Rebekah Taussig - Author of Sitting Pretty


Other Support & Resources

Plus Size Birth - body positive pregnancy & birth information & resources